Fueled by food, forests and fresh air

Brittaney Berendsen

RD, P.H.Ec.

Brittaney began her professional education at Brescia University College at Western University (London, ON) where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with an Honours Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics. Following her undergraduate degree, she completed an Accredited Dietetic Internship at Grand River Hospital (Kitchener, ON). Her practical training included the areas of Diabetes, Renal- Hemodialysis, Specialized Mental Health, Oncology, Intensive Care, Population Public Health and Foodservice. Following her training, Brittaney’s inquisitive approach to the science of nutrition blossomed into a greater appetite for:

  • Offering attentive wholistic care to affect positive changes in people’s lives
  • Helping individuals to break free from dieting/ diet culture and rediscover the joy of eating with the modalities of intuitive eating and mindfulness
  • Supporting individuals in liberating themselves from disordered eating patterns and eating disorders
  • Developing recipes, food styling and cooking delicious food that nourishes

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Sydney Withers


After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph, Sydney earned a comprehensive internship position at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario. Her specialized training involved rotations in critical care, surgery, dialysis, diabetes, pediatrics, public health & food service. Following her training, Sydney’s love of nutrition had evolved from a passion to marry human connection and the health sciences, to a fascination with:

  • The role dietitians play in uncovering the root cause of clients’ health issues
  • The intimacy of looking beyond food records and learning about each client’s unique, deeply personal experience with food
  • Utilizing the modalities of intuitive eating and mindfulness to help clients shed diet tools and regain pleasure and satisfaction around eating
  • Infant nutrition and the lessons we can pick up from children’s innate cues and curiousities about food

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Brittaney and Sydney met during their dietetic internship at Grand River Hospital and quickly bonded over their love for plants, hiking, nature and experimenting in the kitchen. After settling into professional roles following internship, they were seeking an opportunity to expand their reach and positively influence people’s lives.

Enter, Mission: Nutrition Intuition.

Sydney and Brittaney would describe themselves as “two peas in a pod”, alluding to their love and dedication to growing as both individuals and professionals, commitment to helping others achieve their desired growth and adoration of all things green. They are firm believers that humans have an innate connection with nature and find that they are fueled by food, forests and fresh air.