Our Mission & Philosophy

We are on a mission to help people reconnect with their bodies, rediscover their nutritional nature and grow into the best version of themselves!

Here at Mission: Nutrition Intuition, we believe that you are the expert of your body. Our goal is to help you reconnect with your nutritional nature by learning to identify hunger/ satiety cues and understanding the different drives to eat. Our approach encompasses both mind and body because we believe that health is about way more than what fills your stomach. While nutrition is fundamental for health and at the center of our practice, we believe that without a positive mindset and a comprehensive understanding of our bodies, it is very difficult to adopt and sustain lifestyle changes. We embody an inclusive, food- positive approach to eating that does not label foods as “forbidden” and believe that eating certain foods should not evoke feelings of guilt or shame. While some clinical conditions may require certain restrictions we believe that you can still find enjoyment in eating and develop a healthy relationship with food. 


  • Continuous personal and professional growth
  • Authenticity- we embody the values that we teach
  • Evidenced based nutrition information- no gimmicks here
  • Nurturing the body and mind- caring for the person as a whole
  • Lasting lifestyle changes- there are no quick fixes to health