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Winter Citrus Salad

So around this time of year my seasonal obsession with clementine/ mandarin oranges usually kicks in haha. Does anyone else go through a crate/bag a week? If you are a fellow orange lover, try this Winter Citrus Salad featuring Spinach, Radicchio, Clementines & Pomegranate Seeds! Yield: Makes 1 large salad Ingredients: 2 cups baby spinach 1 cup chopped Castelfranco Radicchio 1/4 cup shaved pumpkin … Read More Winter Citrus Salad


Fig Arugula and Prosciutto Salad

Fig, Arugula and Prosciutto Salad with Smoked Cheddar and Honey Balsamic drizzle! Yield: 2 large salads Ingredients: 3 cups arugula 3 cups baby spinach 1 cup chopped radicchio 4 slices prosciutto, torn into smaller pieces 1/3 cup shaved smoked cheddar cheese 2 figs, sliced 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds 1/4 cup pistachio nuts, shelled 2 tbsp honey 1/4 cup balsamic glaze Fresh ground pepper to … Read More Fig Arugula and Prosciutto Salad